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What Chapters Do


Teach Remotely 

December - April

If you are qualified and selected (contact your Chapter President for details), you can teach English remotely to either a specific group of children or Cambodian teachers in rural Cambodia. 

The following classes are available for you to teach:

  • Phonics 

  • Reading/Conversation

  • Paragraph Writing

  • Essay Writing

For Phonics and Reading/Conversation, you teach "live" over video-conference to a group of approximately 20 children or to individual teachers at a specific time each week.

For Writing, you will be assigned students with whom you will communicate bi-weekly via a Cloud Folder. Through your classes, you will share not only English skills but also compassion and kindness with your Cambodian students.



All Year

Providing education requires funds. We need to financially support the Cambodian adults who are choosing to become teachers and putting their trust in us. We need to bring electricity and the Internet to villages to create an environment for video-conferencing. We need to buy books, laptops and set up classrooms so that students can learn effectively.

In addition, we need to provide food aid to the poorest families who are not capable of earning their own. We also need to provide access to medicine and healthcare.

Chapter members help raise awareness about the financial needs of the people we serve. Many give from their hearts as well as lead others to the joy of giving. 


Spread Awareness

All Year

As part of the TASSEL community, we are given slideshows depicting the issues that Cambodians face on a daily basis. We can do our part by sharing this information with our communities around the world. With open hearts, our volunteers bring attention to the issues that TASSEL targets, opening the eyes of those around them to create a greater world view. 

01 - Teach Remotely
03 - Spread Awareness
02 - Fundraise


Teach/Serve in Cambodia



For those who have taught remotely, you can come to teach the children in person! While long-distance teaching is effective and necessary for the children to receive continuous education, in-class teaching sessions during the summer, where there is a dynamic interaction between you and the children, are invaluable to the children's (and your) learning experience. When you come to Cambodia, you will be assigned to a teaching team of two to three volunteers who, upon further training, will co-teach three times a day to a total of about 100 children over four days. 


The majority of chapters have members joining on a 10-day service trip to Cambodia during the summer. The trip solely focuses on service. Nine out of the ten days consist of family visits; food, medicine and clothes distribution; training; and teaching. There is no sightseeing except on the final day. Trip scheduling and assignments are finalized during February-April within chapters.


The summer service trip is an integral part of TASSEL's activity, as it not only helps the people of Cambodia but is also an invaluable way for volunteers to learn in-depth about the problems we need to address. 

04 - Teach/Serve in Cambodia

Get Involved

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