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Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its 2015 GNI per capita ($1070) ranked 186 out of approximately 210 nations surveyed by the U.N. It ranks last among all South East Asian nations.


According to a report by Asia Development Bank, 46% of Cambodians are categorized as “multidimensionally poor,” meaning that they meet at least a third of these factors:

• no household member has completed five years of schooling

• at least one school-aged child is not enrolled

• at least one household member is malnourished

• one or more children have died

• no electricity 

• no access to clean water

• no access to sanitation

• dirt floor

• “dirty” cooking fuel (e.g., dung, firewood, or charcoal)

• no car and, at most, one of the following: bicycle, motorbike, radio, refrigerator,

telephone, or television

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