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Join a Chapter

If you have a heart to serve the underserved and are willing to commit your time to TASSEL, we welcome you to join our cause. We believe that everyone involved with TASSEL is making a difference and healing the hearts of those with whom we interact. If you attend a high school, university, or a church where there is already a TASSEL "chapter" (official or unofficial), please contact the Chapter President.

Start a Chapter

If you are interested in starting a chapter, please contact:

A true heart for service according to TASSEL’s mission exists at the center of every chapter, as shown by group and individual actions.  Serving the poor cannot be just a high school activity, and teaching is a skill that takes time to develop.  As such, TASSEL has a strict policy on chapters as well as its volunteers. While the needs in Cambodia are great, chapters and its volunteers are admitted only through an approval process.  Only those who wish to commit to serving the poor from the heart, and for at least two years, are admitted.

Upon contacting, those wishing to start a chapter will correspond with and be interviewed by TASSEL's Director of Recruitment to ensure that their mission, values, and goals are aligned with TASSEL's.

If you are admitted to TASSEL, you will be given access to a Members' Only website that contains information and training resources needed for teaching, fundraising, and awareness.

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