Our Teachers


The goal of my life is to share the truest love to the poor that do not have love... read on 


During my secondary education I spent most of my time taking care of cows at the rice fields, so I didn’t have much time to study at home... read on


Growing up in a poor and broken family really has taught me a lot of lessons about... read on


Fortunately, with my best efforts, I passed the 12th-grade exam in 2009. I cried because I could not believe that I had achieved my dream... read on


TASSEL is more than a school; it is a family. … TASSEL is not only about teaching but also

about caring and sharing... read on


I used to drink dirty water in puddles. We could eat enough as we often cooked just a little rice with plant root... read on 


I used to work at a construction site when I needed some money to support my studies. I started learning English when... read on 


I thought that TASSEL was like other organizations … But after working with TASSEL for one
year, I could say for certain that TASSEL is not normal...
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I did not get to go to that English school until I was in fifth grade and my father had to sell some chickens in order to pay the fees... read on


When I was in grade 11 I went to Thailand to start working as a construction worker... read on 


Two years later, I had to make a decision on whether or not I should go back to school the following year... read on


Also at night, I had to go into the forest to find food for my family, like shooting mice, birds, and snakes; plus I did think that education was important... read on


Every single person at TASSEL helps develop Cambodia by teaching and giving care and love
to the children, the poor families and to each other. My life has changed after I joined TASSEL... 
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Working in TASSEL has been a privilege … I have learned a lot which really helps me to
become a better person...
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 TASSEL really changed me from a simple
person to become a special person for our poor people and poor students...
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Sophea C.

My life has changed a lot since I started working with TASSEL. It feels like home and where everyone treats
one another equally and as their own family.… read on


TASSEL not only teaches poor children English but also teaches them to become good people. When
they have problems in their families, they come...
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TASSEL teachers not only teach English but also teach their students to become good people so they could help others... read on


I dare to say that the TASSEL is the best organization for developing or changing Cambodia by creating the best education system for Cambodian children... read on


Most of my friends eventually dropped out because they needed to find food to support their families... read on 


I thought about ways to help my parents, and I decided to quit school for a while in order to earn money by pulling cassavas... read on 


I decided to join with TASSEL because I can help the children from poor families who have the same
conditions as when I was young. I commit to working as hard as possible to support poor children...
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I found out the best way to solve these issues, joining TASSEL, a place I can dream of helping poor children and... read on