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Lee Hong

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From Lee Hong's Mother:

I live in Kompiang Puoy with my husband, two youngest children, and granddaughter. When I was 5 months pregnant with Lee Hong (13), my husband left me. I remarried and had my youngest son, Tili Hoi (7), with my second husband. Three years ago, my three eldest children went to Thailand to find work. A broker helped my oldest son to cross legally, but my two daughters had to cross illegally because we could not afford the $300 broker fee. The three children have not contacted me since they left and do not send me money.

My life is not very good. My husband is 72 and a kind man whom I care for, but I married him because I needed him to protect me from my first husband who has tried to kill me several times. My second husband is now very sick. Because I need to care for him, nobody can earn money. My young children do not have enough to eat and must spend a lot of time finding food like snails and fish although they truly like studying English.

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