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Thea Thol


My name is Thea, I am 20 years old, and I am a teacher at TASSEL Banan. I am really glad that I have a chance to work in the TASSEL organization in order to serve the poor in my country. Let me tell all of you about my life before I joined TASSEL organization as a teacher. I was a farmer's child who lived in a rural area. I didn’t have enough food to eat when I was a child, and sometimes, I wanted to quit school because of my family’s situation. My parents said that they would help me through school with the aid of their money even though they were really poor. Unfortunately, my parents did not earn any money while I was in junior high school. I thought about ways to help my parents, and I decided to quit school for a while in order to earn money by pulling cassavas. After some time, I went back to school. I’m going to confess that I was not good in school because of the lack of food, money, love, and time to study.

Fortunately, teacher Joji and teacher Noeng went to visit and interviewed me about my family’s situation. Upon having the interview, teacher Joji and teacher Noeng decided to support me to study in TASSEL’s school and another school. I am really grateful to teacher Joji and Noeng, who are important people of the TASSEL organization. I am also thankful to teacher Helen, who used to be my sponsor before I could support myself. She always supported me with my school payment and others fees. As a result, I now have the ability to help the poor in my country. So, I decided to join the TASSEL organization as a teacher. I appreciate helping poor people with the aid of the TASSEL organization as a teacher. I strongly believe that TASSEL will change their lives. The TASSEL organization is the bright bridge to a better road ahead for the poor students and poor people. Thank you

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