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Vanny Tol


Hello! My name is Vanny. I was born in 1996. I have been living with my grandparents because
when I was seven years old,  my parents went to find jobs in Thailand. My parents are workers in
Thailand. The first year that my parents left us, they never sent any money for food, clothes, and
study. Two years later they sent some money to my grandmother for spending. I have one
brother and two sisters. We studied in the same grade. I really wanted to study English but I
couldn’t because I did not have the money to spend on school. Then, I started to study English
when I was thirteen years old. I have a lot of experiences from my life. Sometimes, I hate my life
because I never lived with my mom and dad, I really miss them, and I want to live with them.
Every problem I had didn’t make me give up, but it made me become a strong woman. I went to
school with my friends by bicycle every day. I graduated from high school when I was 20 years
old, and then I looked for jobs every day until I found one. I was a volunteer teacher in
Battambang for around six months, and then I got a new job at a private school near my house. I
had to save some money to pay for my university and spend on food and help my grandmother. I
worked at the private school for two years and then I applied for a new job at TASSEL.

When I had a chance to join TASSEL, I was so excited because I knew and hoped that
TASSEL was going to change me, improve me, and help me become a strong woman and a good
teacher. Not only that, TASSEL is a good place for me where I can help poor people and poor
children in Cambodia. I love teaching and I get a lot of experience from TASSEL (from all
teachers in TASSEL and from the children) in TASSEL too. TASSEL is my workplace and my
school because it always teaches me to know about life. I love TASSEL. TASSEL is my family
and my teacher. I will continue to help TASSEL and share my knowledge with all the poor
students in TASSEL for a long time. Moreover, TASSEL always cares about poor families and
poor students in Cambodia. One more thing, TASSEL never forgets to think about the teachers.
We have a chance to go to study with the foreigner teachers and other schools too. I promise
myself that I will work hard and improve myself and my knowledge to get better. Finally, I want
to say that TASSEL really changed me from a simple person to become a special person for our
poor people and poor students. TASSEL always gives me and the other teachers everything.
That’s why I love TASSEL.

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