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Sopheak Eang


My name is Sopheak Eang, and I teach in Snoeng village. I’m very excited to let you know about myself. I was born in Snoeng commune where a TASSEL school is located. There are a lot of people who need help in every country around the world. In my commune, there are a lot of children who stay with their grandparents instead of living with their mother or father. Why do they have to live with their grandparents? Well, it’s because their parents have to move to work in other places to earn money to support their parents and their kids. If they work in Cambodia, the pay is low and they couldn’t support them well.  If they don’t go to the city, they also have to suffer from hunger. In rural areas, there aren’t enough markets, hospitals, or schools. So, some of their children couldn’t finish secondary school. This is one of the horrible things happening in Cambodia. Undereducated people can’t change this country. Luckily, TASSEL found out that Snoeng is the place that they should help.

TASSEL is an organization that provides teaching, supporting families with food, medicine, and clothes. All of the programs are to help Cambodia. As I mentioned above, the big problem in Cambodia is lack of education. TASSEL teachers not only teach English but also teach their students to become good people so they could help others. Year by year, I see the good changes in students’ attitudes. They help each other, they share good things with others, and also they really love each other which will help change this country.  I know TASSEL will change this country for the better.

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