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Dalin Vong


My name is Dalin Vong and I am a teacher at TASSEL organization. I am 21 years old
and I live with my parents and my sister in Battambang Province. Before I started working at
TASSEL, I was a student who graduated from high school in 2015. My high school life was not
very easy because I had to have a good plan to make sure that everything would be going well.
To finish high school, I had to be a smart student and to be a smart student I had to study very
hard and spend much time on my studies. So, I did not have much time to help my mother grow
plants. On Sundays I worked as a waitress who served food and ice for people who attended
weddings so that I could pay for my needs when my mother could not afford it. When I became a
twelfth grader, I wanted to be a teacher. My high school life was very simple.

About two months after my high school life was finished, I heard good news from my
sister that TASSEL was looking for English teachers. I hurried to apply because being a teacher
was my dream since I was in high school. Fortunately, TASSEL chose me to be an English
teacher and allowed me to get trained to teach. When I first joined TASSEL, I did not know
much about it. After I attended two or three weeks, I realized that TASSEL was a very good
organization. Today, I still work at TASSEL. I have been with TASSEL for four years. It is such
a good place where I love to work. I can help many Cambodians through teaching at TASSEL
and take care of poor families. Furthermore, I know many good, kind, and helpful Khmer
teachers and foreigners. When I am at school, I am always happy even though I have a lot of
problems in my current life. Every single person at TASSEL helps develop Cambodia by
teaching and giving care and love to the children, the poor families and to each other. Moreover,
the foreigners who are a part of TASSEL are very good. I love them so much. They love
Cambodians and me unconditionally. They spend their valuable time to help Cambodia rather
than do extra work. By seeing everyone’s actions, I am inspired to work even harder. My life has
changed after I joined TASSEL. It changed me from having a simple life to a meaningful life.

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