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Sakana Voeurt


My name is Sakana. I was born in 1993, and I am 26 years-old. I have four sisters. When I was five years old my three year old brother drowned. Losing him caused my parents and I a lot of sadness. When I was 6 years old I started first grade. I studied at Snoeng primary school. At the time my family was very poor, we had food in the morning, but rarely in the evening.

When I was in grade 11 I went to Thailand to start working as a construction worker. My job was to fix roads in Thailand, and I ended up working there for three months because I needed to help my family. Unfortunately, my boss did not pay me, so I went back to Cambodia. After returning I started twelfth grade, which was were I first discovered TASSEL. One day I met a person who was very kind and friendly, he was Teacher Joji. I asked him if I could be a TASSEL teacher and he said yes.

I have been working with TASSEL for four years. I believe that TASSEL is a very good organization in the for the poor in Cambodia. TASSEL not only teaches English to poor children, but it also provides other forms of help for the children. TASSEL has been a great opportunity, I love teaching the kids and I understand their situations because my family is also poor. The students do not have money to attend private schools, but they can attend TASSEL which is a school in the countryside. The students can learn English without having to pay and they are taught by so many kind and friendly foreign teachers who teach English to the children over Vsee every year. Moreover, these teachers visit my country every summer. They give clothes to the kids, medicine to the old people, and they teach English to children. The foreign TASSEL teachers always care, love, and share that love with the Cambodians. I strongly believe that Cambodia will change because we have the kindest people helping us, and we can be better with English education.

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