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Naron Vong


My name is Vong Naron. I am 24 years old and I am a teacher at TASSEL Banan. I have been working at TASSEL for four years, and I have four sisters. I live in Battambang city and I teach in Banan. As I grew up in a poor family, I know how it feels when I have nothing to eat and no hope. That is why I love teaching poor children. I want them to be confident and try to find a solution to solve the problem that they face every day. I started studying English when I was 12 years old. Although I did not have enough money to study in private schools, I studied in an organization for free. I love studying this language and I really want to be an English teacher when I grow up. I think that teachers are the most important people who can help the younger generation and can teach other people to do something good.

TASSEL School is an organization that has been helping people who do not have any hope, providing education and also sharing the love to the poor. Especially, children who do not have good parents to take care of them. All the teachers in this school have sacrificed a lot of things. We help them by taking them to the hospital when they are sick. We do not want something back from the poor. We do it because of our love. We want them to be happy and have enough food to eat. And we do not want Cambodian people to live like this anymore. It is not only Khmer teachers but also foreign teachers who bring clothes, medicine and other things to help the poor. Some families are sponsored by foreign teachers. They send money every month to help the poor and giving rice to them. All children and poor people love TASSEL School so much because it is a great place that helps poor people and all the teachers are really great. They care about the poor all the time.

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